November desktop wallpapers

My November desktops are ready for you. This month is difficult for all of us, so I tried to concentrate on the good aspects of it;)

Just right click, download, install, ready 🙂 And please note: for your private note only.

Desktop November 12 1024 x 768 and I-pad.jpg

Desktop November 12 1440 x 900.jpg

Desktop November 12 1920 x1200.jpg

Desktop November 12 1024 x1280.jpg

Desktop November 12 1600 x900.jpg


Desktop November-12 1080 x1050.jpg

Desktop November12 1920 x1080.jpg

Desktop Novemberr 12 1600 x1200.jpg

2 new illustrations

I did this right now


and this one the week before:

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free October desktop calender-… now for October eves!

here we go again, with October, my monthly free gift for all of you out there. Sorry, it´s already the 3rd, but I guess it´was worth waiting for it, because it´s cute;)…at least I think so.  I added a little October poem: ” “Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!” by Humbert Wolfe (whoever he might have been )

please note, this is for your private use ONLY, and spread and re-blog  it, if you like it.

have a happy golden October! ❤ from


Desktop October -12 1080 x1050.jpg

Desktop October 12 1024 x 768 and I-pad.jpg

Desktop October 12 1440 x 900.jpg

Desktop October 12 1600 x1200.jpg

Desktop October 12 1920 x1200.jpg

Desktop October 12 1024 x1280.jpg

Desktop October 12 1600 x900.jpg

Desktop October 12-1920 x1200.jpg

Desktop October-12 1920 x1080.jpg

Flowers wrapped in old paper

flowers look great in old newspaper too


Damn everything but the circus

when I was little, running away with the circus was one of my ideas…

new illustrated quote

I have added a new illustrated quote again a personal piece:


you are beautiful, no matter what they say….

Again I learned something about myself… For weeks I´m doing nothing but commissionairy work on order and according to my customers wishes. That brings money but feels like sort of like “work”- while doing things just for my personal fun and desire, like this one, I made tonight, lets the creativity channels flow again, finally.Isnt it charming in a very old fashioned way?

Christmas cards once more

I know its too early, yet I need to be prepared for my customers for this. A part of this I am going to print and offer in my etsy shop







thank you

is a magic word that should be used a lot more